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Tennis Lessons in Singapore

Star Tennis Singapore

Shine at Tennis, Be a Star Student.

At Star Tennis, there's something for everyone.

As Tennis lovers ourselves, we believe that tennis is a lifelong sport. Regardless of age, gender, or tennis background, our Star Coaches are qualified to bring out the best in you, efficiently honing your tennis skills while developing your love for this elegant sport, be it for competitive, social, or casual purposes.


Tennis Programmes for Everyone


Old or young, beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we have something for everyone. 

Learn by yourself, with a partner, your family or clique.

The best time to pick up tennis and hone your craft with Star Tennis is now!

Check out our various programmes below.

Why Star Tennis?

More about the Star Coaches, and how we shine brighter than the rest

At Star Tennis, we are not simply a tennis academy. 

Our Star Coaches are rigorously selected by our Senior Coach based on a high level of Tennis and Coaching skillsets. 

The strong connection with our Star Coaches ensures that the coach assigned to you is of a good fit. Rest assured that we won't throw just anyone to you. 

As Tennis players ourselves, we are equipped with years of competitive experience and would make ideal coaches or hitting partners for intermediate/advanced/competitive players.


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