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Kids Tennis Lessons (Twinkles)

At Star Tennis, we've got our Twinkles covered.

Explore our various options we provide for your kids to learn, improve, and develop a passion for the sport.

Rest assure that we make learning tennis fun and enjoyable for them, so place your trust in us to provide the best exposure to tennis to your beloved young ones, as they constantly look forward to the next lesson.


Private - Individual Lessons

For our Twinkles that prefer the undivided attention of our Star Coach, Individual Lessons are perfect for them!

Not only will your little one have lots of fun, develop a passion for this sport, Individual Lessons can boost the performance of your child due to its highly personalised nature. 


Private - Pair Lessons

Learning with a friend or sibling can be motivating and more fun for some Twinkles. 

Our Pair Lessons ensures that the basic tennis fundamentals are imparted in a patient, kid-friendly manner with our experienced Star Coaches.


Private - Group Lessons

Our most popular option - Group Lessons!

Providing our Twinkles with the physical and mental development of a young tennis player is our Star Coaches responsibility.

Group Lessons allows for your little ones to gain the benefits of interacting with other fellow Twinkles and gaining tennis exposure, with the guidance and support of our kid-friendly Star Coaches.

If you're looking for your child to join an existing group lesson, scroll down to view our Join A Group! lessons.


Tennis Camps

Stay tuned for our next kids camp held during the June school holidays to introduce the sport to our Twinkles.

RSVP now!

Send us a WhatsApp or fill up the website Registration Form.

We typically split them into

  1. 4-8 year olds

  2. 9-12 year olds

Stay tuned for our next kids camp held during the June school holidays. RSVP now! Send us a WhatsApp or fill up the website Registration Form.


Prefer your little one to take group lessons and meet other Twinkles?

We've got you covered.

In our Join A Group! tennis lessons, we will match your kids to other Star Tennis kids of similar levels, to have regular weekly group lessons at an agreed venue, day and time.

Your little ones will be able to learn and improve in a cohesive, motivating environment while making new friends, as guided by our friendly and patient Star Coach!

Join A Group! Lessons

Kids smiling with tennis rackets and big tennis balls

We currently have classes for:

4-8 year olds

Kallang Tennis Centre

- Saturdays 8-10am

WhatsApp us at 88420422 to book your slot!

Dear Parents,

We have a policy of open communication with parents, updating you regularly after each lesson on your child's progress, or address any concern/feedback that you might have.

We believe that parental involvement is essential to a child's development and progress.

Therefore, your support is essential in getting your little ones motivated to get onto the tennis court and sustain their interest in the game.


We mainly cater these Kids lessons for ages between 4 to 10.

Older kids can consider checking out our Youth lessons.

  • Sports Attire

  • Non-Marking Tennis Shoes (If you do not have a tennis shoe yet, we suggest you visit Our Shop on the website and purchase one. Tennis Shoes ensures more stable and secure movements required in tennis.)

  • Tennis Racket (If you are new to the sport, visit Our Shop to order a racket for yourself. We can provide you with a racket to try out during your first lesson).

  • Water Bottle

  • Sports Towel

  • Cap

  • Sunblock, etc.

For private lessons, anywhere over Singapore!

We can accommodate you at your preferred venue - be it your own condo / club court, or a nearby public court.

For Join A Group! lessons, they are held at certain public courts. Do fill in the Registration Form or WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 to inform you of our schedule and the next available class!

WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 and we will discuss with you the best option that suits your goals and preferences.

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