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Tennis Lessons Singapore


Learn and improve your tennis skills at the fastest pace through our Individual Classes.

Group Tennis Lessons Singapore


It is the most affordable way for one to learn tennis. These group lessons are great fun while spending quality time.

Tennis Coach Singapore


Do you prefer engaging a hitting partner to give you some heart-pumping rallies? Or to work on specific drills or match strategies?

Tennis Lessons Singapore


Our pair lessons are perfect for those who enjoy learning with someone else.

Group Tennis Lessons Singapore


In our Join A Group! tennis lessons, we will match you to other Star Tennis students of similar tennis level, to have regular weekly group lessons at an agreed venue, day and time.


For private lessons, anywhere over Singapore!

We can accommodate you at your preferred venue - be it your own condo / club court, or a nearby public court.

For Join A Group! lessons, they are held at certain public courts. Do fill in the Registration Form or WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 to inform you of our schedule and the next available class!

WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 and we will discuss with you the best option that suits your goals and preferences.

  • Sports Attire

  • Non-Marking Tennis Shoes (If you do not have a tennis shoe yet, visit Our Shop on the website. Tennis Shoes ensures more stable and secure movements required in tennis.)

  • Tennis Racket (If you are new to the sport, visit Our Shop to order a racket. We can provide you with a racket to try out during your first lesson).

  • Water Bottle

  • Sports Towel

  • Cap

  • Sunblock, etc.

Complete the Registration Form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you shortly.

Alternatively, for faster replies, WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422

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