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Adult Tennis Lessons

Grownups, we've got you covered at Star Tennis. 

 Explore the various options that we provide for you to learn, improve, and love tennis in the best way possible.
Be it picking up the sport, or increasing the kick of your topspin serve, our Star Coach will guide you towards your tennis goals.
Most importantly, we make learning the sport fun. So join us and bring your game to the next level, while keeping yourself fit.

It's never too late to start with Star Tennis.

Woman smiling while hitting a forehand during tennis lesson

Private - Individual Lessons

Learn and improve your tennis skills at the fastest pace through our Individual Classes. With the undivided attention of your Star Coach, beginners will soon develop a strong tennis foundation, while intermediate & advanced players will find themselves grasping match strategies and advanced strokes much quicker.

Women smiling with their tennis rackets during tennis lesson

Private - Pair Lessons

Our pair lessons are perfect for those who enjoy learning with someone else. Learn with a friend, family member, or partner that can motivate you to improve. Learn equally as efficiently while bonding!


Private - Group Lessons

Our most popular option - Adult Group Lessons! 

It is the most affordable way for one to learn tennis. These group lessons are great fun while spending quality time.

For Private Group lessons, grab your friends or family to form a small group and you're good to go!

If you're looking to join an existing group lesson and meet new people, scroll down to view our Join A Group! lessons.

Man hitting a forehand pass his tennis coach during tennis lesson

Private - Hitting Partner

Do you prefer engaging a hitting partner to give you some heart-pumping rallies? Or to work on specific drills or match strategies? 

Our hitting partners will do just the trick.

Having undergone years of competitive training and National competitions, they are competent enough to adopt any play style, ensuring you get the practice you are looking for.
Our hitting partners are ideal for intermediate to advanced players.


Join A Group! Lessons

In our Join A Group! tennis lessons, we will match you to other Star Tennis students of similar tennis level, to have regular weekly group lessons at an agreed venue, day and time.

That way, a small group of like-minded students with similar tennis goals will be able to learn and improve in a cohesive environment while making new friends, as guided by our Star Coach!


Level 1 (NTRP 1.0-2.0)

You are picking up the sport and want to get familiar with the basics.

Level 2 (NTRP 2.0-3.5)

You can sustain a simple rally and you are familiar with the basics. You'd like to work on your consistency of groundstrokes and improvement of the serve.

Level 3 (NTRP 3.5 and up)

You can sustain rallies and you are familiar with match play. You'd like to work on taking each stroke up to the next level, with the addition of variety into your gameplay. We will also introduce you to match strategies to increase your winning percentage.

We currently have JAG vacancies for:

JAG 1 (Beginners - High Beginners)

St Wilfred Tennis Centre

- Wednesdays 8-10pm

- Thursdays 8-10pm

Eunos Techpark (60 Kaki Bukit Place)

- Mondays 8-10pm

- Sundays 9-11am

Kallang Tennis Centre

- Saturdays 11am-1pm

JAG 2/3 (Intermediate - Advanced)


Kallang Tennis Centre

- Saturdays 6-7pm

WhatsApp us at 88420422 to book your slot!


For private lessons, anywhere over Singapore!

We can accommodate you at your preferred venue - be it your own condo / club court, or a nearby public court.

For Join A Group! lessons, they are held at certain public courts. Do fill in the Registration Form or WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 to inform you of our schedule and the next available class!

WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422 and we will discuss with you the best option that suits your goals and preferences.

  • Sports Attire

  • Non-Marking Tennis Shoes (If you do not have a tennis shoe yet, we suggest you visit Our Shop on the website and purchase one. Tennis Shoes ensures more stable and secure movements required in tennis.)

  • Tennis Racket (If you are new to the sport, visit Our Shop to order a racket for yourself. We can provide you with a racket to try out during your first lesson).

  • Water Bottle

  • Sports Towel

  • Cap

  • Sunblock, etc.

Complete the Registration Form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you shortly.

Alternatively, for faster replies, WhatsApp us at +65 8842 0422

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