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Court Booking Policy

Condo/Club Court Bookings

Clients, please do the necessary bookings at your condo/club tennis court and inform your coaches once it's been made.


Public Court Bookings

If you do not have access to a private court, Star Tennis can hold our tennis lessons at a nearby public court that is mutually agreed upon between the coach and the client.

1. If Client books the public court

If you decide to make the public court bookings yourself, Star Tennis will provide you with the necessary information required to try to secure the bookings.

Please let Star Tennis admin and coaches know the necessary information after you've made the bookings (Location, Timing, Court number). However, if you failed to book the court for the week, we will not be held liable and you will be responsible for informing your coach in advance. Cancellation policies apply, and if amount exceeds cancellation allowance, failed bookings will be still be counted as lessons completed.

2. Client does not want to make the public court bookings

If you do not wish to make the public court bookings, Star Tennis will book the courts at a $10/hr admin booking fee surcharge, in addition to the prevailing court fees (we charge a flat rate of $10/hr for court fees as well, regardless of peak/non-peak hours and venue of courts used). Star Tennis will not be held liable in the event that courts were not secured. 

You are to understand that the booking process is very competitive, thus Star Tennis is unable to guarantee court bookings, especially for peak hours or in the event we are met with unforeseen circumstances such as tennis centres being used for competition or corporates events. Repeated failed court bookings are not grounds for requesting refunds; you will have to explore alternative venues, days, or timings for courts.



If you have any questions regarding this Policy or your dealings with our website, please contact us.


Star Tennis

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