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Types of Adult Classes

Keen to break a sweat? Or just want to clock in your steps in the most fun way possible? Join our Adult Classes!

We have 3 types of lessons for Adult Classes - JAG, Pair and Private lessons. Choose one that best serve your needs.

Private Lesson

Private lesson is for those who love one-on-one focus time learning all the tennis movements efficiently.

Pair Lesson

If you're looking to have a Pair lesson with your friends, partner or family members! Both will learn and progress together.

JAG Lesson (Group Lesson)

The most affordable option but also the most fun because you get to meet new people and have a great time playing games with them.

For all JAG lessons, we cater to all levels of tennis players, whether you have just picked up a racket or you are a serious player! We will specially programme our classes that best fits you/the group.

For the beginner to high beginner level classes:

The coach will focus on developing strong fundamentals of tennis. This includes groundstrokes (forehand & backhand), serves, and footwork. We will also work on error detection and correction of common mistakes. Overall, we also focus on how to play a basic game by sustaining a simple rally.

For the intermediate to advanced level classes:

There'll be an emphasis on consistency of groundstrokes with higher-level drills. We will also introduce and improve on the variety of tennis (volleys, slices, drop shots, smashes) as well as work on match strategies and gameplay tactics to improve the winning rate when playing matches

Curious on how our Adult Classes look like? Check out our Youtube video!

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