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Media Event 25/3, Group Tennis Lesson

Hi everyone! Back with another post on group tennis lessons. Despite rainy conditions the past few days, we try our best to have a safe and fun environment for everyone to play. We too are sad when tennis lessons are postponed as well!

Luckily, two weeks ago we had the opportunity to host a media event for our fellow beginners!

Star Tennis Students with Coach Scott

Here we have Dingxin, who plays basketball in school, and has never touched a tennis racket before. It was a challenge for her but she had so much fun learning new techniques thanks to our friendly tennis coach who guided and motivated her.

Dingxin and her friend

The group learnt many techniques such as forehand, backhand, slice and serve. It was a definite intense crash course to tennis, which can be a lot to absorb especially when you are new.

Ashna and her friend were determined to sharpen their techniques. We saw them constantly asking instructor Scott who is always helpful and attentive to perfect their hits.

Ashna and her friend

We had so much fun guiding them, and it was an enjoyable experience to share our love for tennis with them.

Want to know more about what they did as first-timers? Check our Youtube video below!

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